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Sell Collectibles in NY


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Do you need to sell collectibles in NY? We are happy to announce that we are expanding our services to include the Greater NY area including Long Island and Upstate. We specialize in getting you the HIGHEST possible returns on your items and only deal in LARGE & Highly focused collections. Our one of a kind service is guaranteed to get you more than any vendor offer. How can we guarantee that our sales return an average of *200% of the most generous vendor offer in any genre? Simple we give you up to *60% of the end sale pie. Most vendors off around .30 on the dollar. So if you need to sell collectibles in NY it is clear as day who you should contact.

Does your collection qualify for our premium service? Most collections we deal in tend to have a value of close to $10,000 and be at least 200 pieces although exceptions can be made for either depending on the amount of labor involved. We have traveled all over the country dealing with huge collections and getting tremendous returns for our clients. You can find our reviews online and a photo history of some of the amazing jobs we have done on our home page. Our owner will personally field your inquiry and provide you a personalized level not possible of a less specialized firm.

We can be contacted through this post using the form at the bottom of this page or via phone or email addresses provided in the top right hand corner of our page. Don’t worry we will not share any of your information with the public and even if we cannot make a deal we may be able to find the right vendor to fit your needs from our extensive vendor database. Do you need to sell Collectibles in NY? If so you need Collectibles NJ your TRI-STATE collectibles specialists.

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