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Sell Comic Books in NY


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Need to Sell comic books in NY? There are no shortage of options. Dealers on top of dealers trying to lowball you and toss 30% figures at you. Trying to buy only key stuff and still not even paying half of what its worth. We have the solution! We are happy to now offer our premium collection service in the greater NY and tri-state areas. We are willing to give you personalized attention and specialize in breaking collections down for MAXIMUM RETURNS on MAXIMUM RETURNS. We have lower overhead costs than the larger companies and place our clients (whom we work with only one at a time) in the best of hands with regard to getting the most money.

We are able to Pre-grade books with startling success and have customers across a variety of mediums who will pay SLABBED numbers for key books. Do not make the mistake of breaking the collection up selling keys to one vendor THIS WILL DEVALUE YOUR COLLECTION! If you check our bod y of work you might wonder why such a small company books so many high profile collections. Its simple, we are specialists in our field. When you need to sell comics in NY whether they are golden, silver, bronze, copper or modern please contact us for a free evaluation.

We buy complete collections only so please do not offer if your collection has been picked or is not organized. While it is preferable books be bagged and boarded it also is not required. We deal primarily in DC & Marvel Comics at this time. Independent content can be considered if it is particular rare. Do not sell your collection short let Collectibles NJ New Jersey’s collectibles specialist get you the best return when you need to sell comic books in NY. We can be contacted via email,phone in the right hand top corner of the page or by using the form on this page.

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