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We are now happy to offer our premium level service in the greater NY area in the genre of diecast cars.

Do you need to sell diecast cars in NY? Our firm has handled the liquidation of over 10,000 cars in all scales over the last 3 years. We have traveled the country on some of these jobs. Diecast cars are one of the most collectible items today. Since the 1990s larger scale models have dominated the market amongst collectors. Companies like The Danbury Mint and The Franklin mint put out their highly desirable lines of 1:24 scale precision models and car enthusiasts were delighted. The limited edition and inherent fragility of such a real to life product are amongst the many reasons for their elite status among hobbyists.

One of the most common lines we deal in when you need to sell diecast cars in NY are the 1:18 scale cars. There are many different variations and manufacturers and value can vary widely based on things like color, limited casting and rare or seldom produced vehicles. The Yat Ming company produces many competing lines including road signature, Ertl, Highway 61 and many other brands. Typically speaking the value of the car when produced by multiple companies will be based on the the amount of replicated parts. Cheaper cars have less detail and the higher end replicas tend to mimic the amount of parts in the actual car. Some are even functioning!

If you would like to reach out and contact us for a FREE evaluation of your diecast collection please use the form below or one of the contact options located in the upper right hand of the page. I can promise you we have a superior option to just selling off to a vendor and our owner would love to personally touch base. When you need to sell diecasts in NY you need collectibles NJ your TRI-STATE Collectibles experts.

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