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Sell Collectibles in PA

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Need to Sell Collectibles in PA?

We are happy to announce that starting on Janurary 1st 2017 we will now be servicing the greater Pennslyvania area. Our one of a kind service can easily boost your returns by uo to 200% when you need to sell collectibles in PA. Our method is simple and because of how our sales model performs fiscally speaking no vendor is capable of matching it. If they paid you for your collection what we will pay you they would go out of business. They simply cannot compete with you receiving 50-70%* of the value on your items. We have sold over $1,000,000 of collectible items since 2013 and have dealt in the top 1% of collections in quantity and quality.

Why would someone choose us to liquidate a $20,000+ value collection instead of a larger company or local vendor? MONEY! It is simple. It is impossible for any other firm to get you more money when you want to sell Collectibles in PA you need to call you neighbors in NJ. Collections must be highly focused and have a value above $5,000 to be considered for our premium on location services. Please view our main home section of the website for our extensive body of work in premium items.

Unlike other companies specializing in one niche or another; our owner who has experience in hundreds of sales and over 100 niches of collectible item will work directly with you as your primary contact to guide you through the experience of liquidating your items. We use cutting edge methods to promote your sale after all with so many companies out there you found this website and our buyers for your items will as well. Let us speak to you and show you why that if you need to Sell Collectibles in PA you need your neighbors at Collectibles NJ. Contact us via email, phone or the form on the bottom of this page.

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