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Sell Lladros in PA

Sell Lladros in PA
Lladros are some of the most valuable and rarest collectible figurines on the market. The techniques behind making these exquisite little statues are closely guarded trade secrets, so no other companies are able to even come close to imitating them.

You can tell a Lladros piece because of the maker’s mark on the bottom, as well as the various trademarks and symbols that are used as identifying marks. Each Lladros figurine has a Spanish name and an English name, as well as a number which identifies which mold was used to make the figurine. The materials and technique that make Lladros so beautiful also make them quite delicate, so vintage and antique Lladros figurines are very valuable since so many of them have broken over the years. You can still get new Lladros figurines made today, and they are worth good money, but retired Lladros are worth the most.
If you are looking to sell Lladros in PA, it is important to go through a reputable and reliable dealer such as Collectibles PA. We offer top dollar on Lladros figurines to buy them outright, and we also have the lowest consignment rates around if you want to sell Lladros in PA using consignment. Our appraisal system is completely transparent so you can see the market value of your figurines and will never be in any doubt about what they are really worth. Contact us today via the form on the bottom of the page and we can set up an appraisal with you for your Lladros figurines!

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