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Sell inherited toys & Collectibles – What to do and how to value and protect collectibles left to you

Some people inherit houses, some people inherit businesses, some people inherit nothing….. Others inherit collectibles. When someone passes the last thing on someones mind is what they are going to do with the toy/comic/doll collection they have recently been bequeathed with. Once respect and time is paid often people who have inherited collectibles which range from small collections to houses full of content; many ask themselves what do I do now?

Many people will then begin the process of painstakingly investigating every item on the internet to determine it’s value, if it has value or not etc. Many people can feel overwhelmed and dedicate hours and hours to the pursuit. I am going to give some general advice and tips on how to handle the situation.

Tip#1 – What genre of item is this, what does the market tell you about the item?

Most collectible items fall into a genre or category some examples include the following I am going to use one of items most frequently brought by our clients and sold by our company

Decorative Collectibles/Knick-Knacks/Figurines- This includes a variety of statues usually the “Name brand ones” will have some value to them. Most are not worth what they used to be when mom used to tell to not to dare touch her Hummel cabinet. Some important (this means usually has SOME value) brands include:

  • Hummel,
  • Lladro,
  • Armani,
  • Anri,
  • Swarovski,
  • Lalique,
  • Royal Doulton
  • Waterford
  • and Murano.

There are others but these are the most commonly found.

Brands no longer worth much in this realm include:

  • Mikasa
  • Lenox
  • Enesco
  • Norman Rockwell
  • Lead cut Crystal
  • Noritaki (some antique exception)

You can use ebay and other internet sources to get an idea of what might be worth something. While an expert like someone from our company could like look over the content of the house in hours and sort the whole house by worth something/not worth something (a service we offer often for free or at a small fee at Collectibles NJ depending on content and scope of the job) the regular person is left with this as step one. You can then basically do the whole thing for all obvious collectibles left in the house.

IMPORTANT: Keep friends and family out of the house as they will often start asking for things that happen to be of significant value for “sentimental” reasons. Many collections have been picked apart before the inheritor could realize the value of what they had. Keep vendors, estate sellers or anyone trying to offer to buy things off the premises as well. Protect yourself in case you have something of value. They’ll be a time and place for selling things and its after its been parsed from the leftovers/junk/low or no value contents.

The biggest rip offs contents of house and collection buyouts probably occur in the following genres. Buyers are aggressive and try to get in early:

  • Model Cars,
  • Comic Books
  • Lionel Trains
  • Vintage Toys
  • Baseball Cards

Now I am going to give you tip #2 DON’T DO IT! DON’T SPEND YOUR HOURS just bring in a professional that DOESN’T work the way cash buyers do. Where will you find one? You won’t but…..


Collectibles NJ Can help you rest easy knowing you didn’t get ripped off and we can tell you if the items in the house are collectible or valuable or not. Since we DO NOT make cash offers  we do not have the conflict of interest other buyers might and our business was designed to help people with a large quantity of items. We can provide you with a variety of advice that can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. If you have inherited a large amount of collectibles don’t swim with the sharks, fly with the eagles here at Collectibles NJ and I can guarantee we will be able to represent your best interests. We are the only company of our kind and our reviews prove it.


Fell free to contact us using the information in the upper right hand corner of the page or privately through this form if you have inherited a large amount of Collectibles anywhere in the country and we would be happy at very least to discuss your situation.