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Worst Places to Sell Collectibles


I mean we advertise there as well but I definitely would not recommend most of the buyers on there. In our experience a lot of them use shady or questionable practices and definitely do not pay very well. I mean look it is a business and so buyers need to make money but the difference between a fair rate like 50-60% value and the low ball shenanigans some of these other guys pull is staggering. Our last client had about 1,000 antique dolls and they called in someone off CL who I will not name.

They got the address weeks ago and showed up unannounced. They walked in and looked at 1,000 dolls in 20 minutes and offered $6000. They flashed cash and were very pushy pressuring for a deal. I think the best part was that they were going to clean out “on the spot” with a single cargo van (It took 2 20ft trucks and a trailer to empty). After I arrived to begin my appraisal they went up to $7500.  I advised the client to tell them they would let them know tomorrow at which point they(and me) were threatened and cursed out. Realizing the gig was up they left. After the evaluation an appraised retail value of $27,000-$30,000 was a fair deal was offered.

We were able to beat the other offer by over 200% and were happy to do it.

Hobby Shops and Retail Stores

We once had a lot we purchased at storage auction that included about 5000 1940-1960s Topps baseball card in mid to high grade condition. Mickey Mantle, Tom Seaver, Sandy Koufax, Roberto Clemente, Jackie Robinson you name it was there along with a whole of lot of semi stars and near complete sets. I took it by a baseball store in central NJ. The worker is looking at my stuff and impressed with it and the owner comes in. He dismisses the worker and starts downplaying the conditions on all my stuff. Says it doesn’t sell cause the kids want modern. Offers me 2200 claiming it will sell for 4000 or 5000 and take a year. We put it all online ourselves and gross over $9000!  Imagine the markup he was trying to make on premium merchandise! I mean we pay 70% appraisal for vintage baseball stuff and he was trying to pick it up and quintuple his money. I mean while I don’t begrudge someone their living I do begrudge them smearing everyone in the industry with these charlatan negotiating tactics.


If you need to sell collectibles in new jersey and want a buyer who believes in transparency and fair practice when dealing with your collection or estate please contact us through this post.